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Updated 03/09/2013

AC Cables
Band Rant 1 (TTSD)
Band Rant 1 - House of Worship version
Band Rant 2 (GTCOTS)
Band Rant 3 - The Drummer Rant :-D
Bar Distro (I finally built it)
Biwiring and Passive Biamping
Boundary Cancellation and Room Mode Chart
Compressors and Gates
Gear For Sale & Gear Wanted
Interfacing (Impedance and Signal Level)
Lazy Man's Insert Cable
Lexicon Reflex Factory Parameters Settings
Programme Audio circa 1978
Programme Audio's Studio A circa 1978
Rack Stuff
SLS LS8695- A user's miscellaneous ramblings
Sound System Primer (A Word document, and work in progress)
Special Mic Wye
Subwoofer Info
Wall Wart World
Why your band should not buy a PA (and what to get if you do)
Yamaha LS9 Console File