Drum Setup - The 10 Steps ;-D

(Another Rantatorial)



1) Drummer carries cases in - sets them in the middle of the drum rug - stacks them as he brings them in.

2) Drummer unstacks cases and moves them from the drum rug - now they are in someone else's way.

3) Drummer preps stands and/or toms and snare.

4) Drummer moves prepped items so he can place the kick drum on the rug.

5) Drummer places stands.

6) Drummer moves snare stand so he can install kick pedal.

7) Drummer searches for drum key so he can install kick pedal (soundman mutters, and whips out drum key that he carries on his key chain, suggests that drummer do the same - "I do, but I can't find my keys").

8) Drummer carefully adjusts all cymbals while soundman waits for him to finally get to the only one that will be close mic'd - the high hat.

9) Drummer starts bashing the drums, insuring that the soundman - who's micing the hat - won't be able to hear anything when he returns to the console.

10 Drummer tweaks the tuning of his drums - always up, never down - no wonder they don't have any balls and ring like the dickens.